About Semester Parking

Brennan Billeaud

Brennan Billeaud is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana who began acquiring real estate at the age of 20. As a sophomore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette he saved money from cutting grass and bought his first rental property.  After graduating in Business Administration in 2005, Billeaud continued purchasing and refurbishing homes in the area.  Shortly after graduating from UL he realized the demand for on-campus parking at the university and purchased land adjacent to campus for a student-parking lot.

Although Billeaud continues to acquire property in the Lafayette area, he has now begun to expand his real estate in small towns outside of Lafayette.  Brennan Billeaud Properties was formed in 2007 to facilitate the management, rental and maintenance of these properties.  Billeaud takes a do-it-yourself attitude when it comes to the day-to-day activities of his company and continues to grow as he acquires more property in and around Lafayette.